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Don Freeman is an intuitive crystal therapist whose metaphysical journey started in 1985 in New York City while studying Transcendental Meditation (TM). He discovered his intuitive abilities while attending Louise Hay’s Healing Circle in Greenwich Village. Later Don studied psychic development, energetic healing, mediumship, mental telepathy, aura visualization and channeling for 3 years at the Holistic Studies Institute in Albany, New York. He studied with a local psychic in upstate New York for an additional semester.  With teaching as his passion, Don taught psychic development in both Albany and New York City.  After completing training in hypnotherapy and various shamanic healing techniques, Don became a level II Reiki practitioner, and has studied and practiced Shambhala Buddhism and traditional Tibetan Buddhism extensively for over 12 years.

Although fascinated by crystals and gem stones from childhood, his passion and intuitive connection to crystals became increasingly fine tuned through workshops, lectures and hands on experience with crystals and crystal skulls. Don currently hosts an extensive crystal altar of large Lemurian and Brazilian quartz crystals, and is the caretaker of a number of crystals skulls including OMAR, a 17.5 pound Brazilian quart piece.

Don currently resides in Santa Rosa, CA and is the founder of the East Bay Lemurian Meditation Group where he works with skulls, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and Lemurian crystals for healing and energy balancing. Don also owns Starseed Crystals of Sonoma, a store which specializes in connecting Lemurian Seed Crystals and crystal skulls to their new caretakers.


OMAR is a 17.5 pound skull made of Brazilian quartz that is directly connected to Gaia and the crystalline grid.  OMAR was carved in China by a skilled artisan.  Those who have met OMAR have tapped into his charismatic power and his loving energy.  OMAR has charged with ancient crystal skulls including the Mitchell-Hedges skull, SHA NA RA and Einstein, and has participated with Kryon's Lemurian Choir in Hot Springs Arkansas.  OMAR is grounded at Mt Shasta as well as the powerful California Redwoods, and has been blessed by powerful shamans, and a Kahuna. Don takes OMAR and other skulls and crystals to soak up the energy at Mt Shasta, and can often be seen resting skulls and crystals among the trees in California's Redwood forests. This energy permeates all the crystals and skulls offered for sale.

Today OMAR is the centerpiece of a large Lemurian grid that creates a vortex which radiates healing energies and love to the planet from its home in California.


OMAR and Compassion in session on Mt Shasta at 9,700 feet during a late summer trip to upper Panther Meadows.

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