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Group Shot

Tour members entering the Great Jade Temple of Lemuria.

Group on Mt Shasta with Nina Kirby

After our ceremony on Mt Shasta with Shaman Nina Kirby

Upper Panther Meadows - Old Ski Bowl

Old Ski Bowl at upper Panther Meadows

Castle Lake

The crew participated in a walking meditation at Castle Lake followed by a cooling "dip" in the waters.

Aurora Luna

Our opening ceremony was performed at Ascension Rock by Aurora.

Yicheng Lin

Yicheng performed our final ceremony on sacred property in the shadow of the mountain.

Mt. Shasta

View of mountains from the area near Pluto's Cave.

The Crystal Room

Crystal bowl healing session at The Crystal Room by Beverly.


Our group shrine located in our hotel space

Mt Shasta

Some of the members at the old Shasta Ski Bowl location.


Meditation on the Mountain.


You wouldn't believe what I had to do to get this shot!

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